Saylor's Market

About Us:


OWNERS: Curt Saylor and Craig Saylor 


Donald C. Saylor achieved his dream of owning a grocery store with the opening of Saylor's Market in 1977.

At that time, the store was only 6,000 square feet and employed 23 workers. Saylor's expanded in 1983 and again in 1994 - bringing the store to 42,000 square feet and employing more than 100 people. For the first few years, Don ran the business by himself, but quickly afterwards, his sons, Curt and Craig, joined him. Throughout the years, Curt and Craig's own children have worked at the store, and extended family continues to do so today! Saylor's market is closed for all major holidays so the employees may spend them with their families, something very important to Don. 

Sadly, he passed away on February 19, 2002. His sons continue to run the business the way Don had always envisioned. His philosophy was to put the customer first, and to be good to the employees. Even 20+ years later, Curt and Craig still abide by that same philosophy. Saylor's also donates to many school and local non-profit organizations, as well as allowing community members to hold fundraisers in front of the store. The legacy of Don Saylor’s work is still experienced by patrons and staff members alike, only growing with each person’s visit to the Hometown Proud Market.

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